Beacon Terrace homeowners association

Lakeland Florida

Community Office Numbers:
Phone: 863-687-1695  - 
Fax: 863-682-7251
Email the office- Click Here

 New Residents:
Welcome & Information Package
Billie Lindsey Lot 194

Community Manager: 
Laura Van Kampen
Office Manager: N/A
Community Maintenance: 
After hours and maintenance emergency 
Voice/Beeper: 863-551-8428
Beacon Terrace 
Homeowners, Inc.
Membership Information - Dues
should be paid to Chuck Snavely at Lot 56
FMO Membership
Information - Dues
            James Houlihan - Lot 223

Tours & Travel Activities 
Program Coordinator
Bev Furno: Lot 64 

Beacon Terrace 
Social Committee
Membership Information - Dues

Elaine Rowe Hudson: Lot 145

Care Committee
Jean Whitman: Lot 57

The Beacon  -  Editor
Chuck Snavely: Lot 56

Beacon Terrace Resident 
Directory - Editor

Dolly Lengel: Lot 252 webmaster:
Martin Vanderzwan: